Men's and Women's Vintage clothing and fashion accessories!

I am often asked how is it that in the middle of Ljubljana I speak English without an accent.......I was born here but my family immigrated to Canada when I was an infant.
In 1992 I moved back for love......and continued my real estate career with no thoughts of opening a vintage store. I admit I was a bit of a fashion victim but never had the fat pocketbook. In my younger days antique shops, charity shops, consignment stores, and sample and outlet stores were my go-to shops for clothes, fashion accessories as well as home decor. When vintage became more popular these shops were added to the list.
In Canada and the US, shopping was a pastime where women shopped till they dropped. These clothes often ended up in charity shops hardly worn or not at all-heaven for us bargain hunters,
These shops did not exist in Slovenia but there were plenty of flea markets in the neighboring countries to visit.
With fast fashion taking over the industry in the '90s quality fabrics and tailoring were beginning to disappear making vintage clothing so much more appealing. With the help of my daughter, we decided to open the first true vintage shop in Ljubljana to share our enthusiasm so in 2011 we opened the first brick and mortar shop.
We moved locations 3 times then COVID19 hit us, lockdowns and such forced us and the business to take a new direction-e-commerce and Etsy was the obvious choice for me. This hobby of mine has been a journey and a great adventure. My daughter (who is by the way a fashion designer has been a great help and support to me. Hope you enjoyed our story and hope you will like and follow our shop, Divas Vintage Store.
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